can canadians complete trainn sites, for sure?

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10-08-2005 21:09:22

this may sound like a stupid question, cuz i've talked to some canadians who are pursuing flashipods4free ... but i was looking through their faq and it said that they can only take on US citizens ... can i get some confirmation please? thanks


10-08-2005 21:39:43

you can sign up and recieve the paypal, but im not too sure about receiving the gifts because i dont think they ship to Canada.


10-08-2005 21:41:39

i know Canadians can do the site.
if your asking if they ship to Canadians?
then i'm not 100% sure yet since i pm'ed Alan on another forum but he never replied back....
lets wait until he reply on this one to confirm

Alan, does ship to CANADA?[/color9ca1dd0854][/size9ca1dd0854]



10-08-2005 21:44:50

yes it does.

They ship the ipod shuffles to canada


10-08-2005 21:46:38

only the shuffles?

thats kinda weird.


10-08-2005 21:57:07

? what about this updated on the homepage ?

[quotee4ed6a37ca]Welcome Canadians!
Posted on June 28, 2005
We've crossed the T's and dotted the I's and are now able to ship to Canadian addresses with no additional requirements. In the past, we were only able to ship iPod Shuffles and Paypal to Canadian users, but now all current (as well as future) items may be ordered and shipped to Canadian visitors![/quotee4ed6a37ca]

? but what about this in the help page ?

[quotee4ed6a37ca]Is the site limited to only those in the United States?

At this time we are not able to ship gifts to those in countries outside the United States, however, we do offer a cash substitute for Canadian members who successfully participate on this site. For information regarding the cash value, please contact us. [/quotee4ed6a37ca]


10-08-2005 22:00:35

nice, congrats Canadians! D


10-08-2005 22:08:38

huh i see ... thanks for the replies on this ... i think i'm still gonna go for the paypal tho ... unless someone wants to buy an ipod from me for $251? lol