What Are We Supposed To Do?

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10-08-2005 08:17:23

I still have 3 people im waiting to green for me, and its been 10 days since my last ref signed up and did an offer, i have 2 others who have been waiting longer to recieve credit.

whether the problem is Trainn's or not, something has to be done about this problem, because it is discouraging people from even giving your sites the time of day.

so if we are still waiting for our referrals to green, and its been this long already, should i just get the 3 of them to do other "instant" offers? or at least ofers that we will recieve credit for?


10-08-2005 08:41:57

I had a similar question that I posted on a4f and Alan responded that the longest that he has ever seen an offer actually credit was about 6 weeks after an offer was completed. I've been waiting about a month on a couple for dvdrecorders as well...


10-08-2005 08:51:51

i just wanna get the site done, i need the paypal.......i dont see it happening any time soon though (


10-08-2005 09:17:42

I wonder if something is up with the crediting system or something, because loads of people are not getting credits.


10-08-2005 09:23:31

well they said that it was all updated and the new system is even better than what it used to be, but im sure that, that only applies to new crediting, not crediting that happned before the change.

i understand that they wont give credit to people who just say they did an offer and they need confirmation from the advertisers, but it doesnt look like the advertisers are actually doing their part of the deal.


10-08-2005 09:24:22

When did they update the crediting system?


10-08-2005 09:31:05

[quotefe70c56cfc="Trainn-Alan"]uncpanther is correct and flashipods4free will be upgraded tonight (cosmetic changes for that and DVDRecorders4free though will not occur for a couple days) and so far it seems to be a success as the reporting rate is higher and the number of new requests are a lot lower.[/quotefe70c56cfc]

he said that on A4F the 6th of Aug.



10-08-2005 09:34:50

Well, I did an offer on Sunday on "the new tracking system" and still no credit from an instant site, same as my referal, he did his on sunday as well. But still no credit, I'd like to hear word from Alan on what is happening with the no credit issues.


10-08-2005 09:36:57

I settled for less paypal on 3604Free. I didn't know what else to do. It wasn't too bad though, I wouldn't have made much more after paying for referrals, etc.