crediting problems

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09-08-2005 19:09:05

im not getting any credit for my offer, and neither is someone whos going green for me.

we both did the tickle iq test offer.

anyone with the same problems?

trainn-alan, if you read this, can you help?


09-08-2005 20:04:04

[quote6c28bf64cc="nusqax"]im not getting any credit for my offer, and neither is someone whos going green for me.

we both did the tickle iq test offer.

anyone with the same problems?

trainn-alan, if you read this, can you help?[/quote6c28bf64cc]

I did MiracleBurn on Sunday evening for Flashipods4free and I still have yet to receive credit for it either.

Alan, if you could please PM me or something, because I am starting to wonder what is going on. Other people haven't received credit either. ?


09-08-2005 20:07:28

Exact same issue here, Me and my referal told me that he did the Tickle IQ offer as well. We both did it sunday and still no Green. Any help would be appreciated. User name Wup-ASS If you could look into this Alan it would be greatly, i mean greatly appreaciated.


tEh Wup


10-08-2005 07:35:55

Is anybody else having crediting issues?


10-08-2005 07:38:16

Also waiting on Miracle Burn to credit.


10-08-2005 11:37:00

i've posted on fipg, sent pms to alan, submitted support tickets, and even submitted a contact form.

still no response.

is he on vacation or something?


10-08-2005 11:39:40

Wow.... So many people are getting no credit from this network. Do you guys still think Trainn is the best?


10-08-2005 11:51:30

naw, Alan aint away on Vacation, he just posted something in the forums today. Wonder why he is not answering us?


10-08-2005 12:19:14

probably flooded with pm's and emails

if each person who is complaining about offers pm's him every other day just imagine how full he is getting


10-08-2005 12:27:48

I completed the Pet Chews offer for YourFreeFlatScreen. It was supposed to credit within a day, but it's been almost a week. I've sent two emails to Trainn, but they haven't responded.


10-08-2005 12:27:59

maybe hes just ignoring us fipg people. roll


10-08-2005 12:33:04


i guess they're just a bit slow these days.


10-08-2005 12:44:15

Busy is an understatement, but I'm not complaining. In the first 9 days of this month, our company activity topped the entire month of July (which was our busiest ever) and is on pace to be the equivalent of the last 3 months combined.

I'm not ignoring anyone, I'm checking as many posts as I can and following up as best as I can, but with how it's been, anytime I start to go back to handle the old ones, news ones are coming in and there is no break. I try to get back to as many people as possible, but it just doesnt happen all the time.

Because of this I want to stress that if you do not receive credit, please do not think that posting on this board saying "I didn't receive credit" is the way to get us to look into it. It is not, and unintentionally, it may end up being overlooked, please either submit a missing credit request or email credit @ with the information. You will receive a confirmation email that the email has been receieved and when we have an answer we will contact you.

Also, If you have completed an offer, no matter the listed reporting time please wait at least 5 days before saying you didn't receive credit as while the times listed is usual, it's not the rule and some do take longer then others. The same rule applies for offers like Stamps, Driving4Dollars, and Freebidding. Although some may credit near instant, it is also the exception not the rule. Their official "reporting times" are next business day, anything earlier is just a bonus.

We're working on better preparing for the demand levels and there should be a significant improvement over the next week-10 days, but in the mean time I ask that you bear with us and Thank you for your patience.



10-08-2005 12:47:21

appreciate the response! D


10-08-2005 12:56:27

Greatly appreaciated, thats all i needed to hear



10-08-2005 20:53:40

ya that was well-put, thanks alan ... confidence restored D


11-08-2005 12:37:02

yep. just went green for miracle burn.



11-08-2005 13:03:35

just went green for trimlife D eeexcellent


11-08-2005 13:26:37

i did an offer for dvdrecorders (psychics4free) and 3604free(crusing4cash) but the offer does not appear on the click history on either of these sites....does this mean i won't get credit?