Unable to complete crusing4cash or official auctioneers..

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09-08-2005 18:01:31

or the psychics4free offers. they all seem to be from the same company. after I enter my name and address - it takes me to the driving4dollars banner page and there is no link from there and a failed installation of some active-x control. its totally messed up. alan , can you please look into this.



09-08-2005 18:13:30

LOL, this is what happens when they blacklist you. I havent been able to do them for a while. Its totally normal. I think you can only do 2 offers from Paycom and they ban you from doing anymore.


09-08-2005 18:44:37

Haha! Add me to the blacklist. Funny though, it will let me log in. I wonder if I need to cancel?


09-08-2005 18:45:22

sucks man.. I did only a couple of offers on that network


09-08-2005 18:57:18

I think they may unlock that after 30 days, but dont quote me.


09-08-2005 19:01:28

yeah this happened to me also.

i dont see the point in offering different offers from the same company if theres a limit to how many you can do. i didnt read anything in the TOS about this bullshit.


09-08-2005 19:08:47

Yeah, I did freebidding a while ago, never got a confirmation email. Tried to cancel, my account didnt even exist. lol I still got credit tho. Ever since I havent been able to do any other site by them.


09-08-2005 19:11:10

Well than I'm blacklisted too? But I've barely done those offers.


09-08-2005 21:14:25

Well then Im not banned. Ive only done paycom offers like 10 times. On all the different sites and compaies. But of course I have family members do them too. I dont know. yep.


09-08-2005 21:17:00

I am not sure what they actually do, but the number of people unable to do the sites is growing.


09-08-2005 22:12:01

Lol i changed my email that might be part of the reason i didnt recieve credit