flashipods4free approval on same ip?

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09-08-2005 13:20:47

hey guys, i did freeipods.com and i'm lookin to do flashipods4free (i'm in canada, so i'm getting paypal) so that i can come out of the 2-site process with a profit ... anyways my question is just if anyone knows if trainn checks the ip's at sign-up, and if they remove approval or get suspicious if they're the same ... also any recommendations for trainn offers to do (for canadians) would be sweet



09-08-2005 14:25:32

Yes, we do have a verification process, but I will not disclose exactly how we do it as that would only allow people to come up with work arounds.



09-08-2005 14:33:07

oh ok thanks alan ... i had a minor issue with freeipods.com cuz my friend and i both signed up from work (same ip), but it was cleared up ... i'll just be sure that all mine come from different ones then

thanks again,



09-08-2005 17:59:41

Dont even bother getting your coworkers to sign up from your workplace. I did that and am in a big mess. Its trouble for both you and Alan. Rather avoid it - unless you are very sure they are DISTINCT IP addresses.


10-08-2005 05:48:48

okeedoke, thanks for the tip hedwig


10-08-2005 08:11:23

Trainn allow you to have other members of your household sign up and create accounts etc, but just as long as you or they dont refer anyone else in the household.

if you had 12 brothers you lived with and they all wanted to do a Trainn site, then they could, as long as they werent referred by someone else in the house.


10-08-2005 08:17:50

ok so if person A has a friend person B ... and person B has 4 brothers and sisters, all in the same house, can person A use all of that family as greens? tricky ....


10-08-2005 08:26:42

that one im not sure about lol


10-08-2005 08:54:42

haha unlikely, yes lol ... i'm a fan of hypotheticals