probably some stupid questions...

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04-08-2005 20:37:18

I was really into the free site scene for awhile then got out of it over the summer. Im ready to start it all up again and am pleased to see a site like up and running. I'm sure this has been covered already but im trying to get back into the swing of things so just bear with me. How many referrals would it take to get the xbox? How many points? How many points are the offers worth?

Sorry if these are stupid questions. Thanks in advance.


04-08-2005 20:39:10

dunno about the xbox site cuz i havent started it but the dvdrecorders4free is 10 for the recorders or 450$ paypal. and flashipods is 5 for 250. I am looking for someone to do a dvdrecorders ref for me so if u want to make some paypal send me a pm.