Where do you see your support tickets that you've sent?

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04-08-2005 16:27:36

I've been looking around for it because I sent a no-credit for offer ticket and I can't find it anywhere on the site. Maybe it just got deleted or something. Where do you normally find your support tickets that you've sent?


04-08-2005 16:38:54

[quote6e5f220e64="theysayjump"]the only site that you CANT see your support tickets is flashipods.

the rest you can find them under help.[/quote6e5f220e64]


04-08-2005 16:40:26

I'm on DVDRecorders4Free and I can't find it in help. So it was deleted. Should I send another?


04-08-2005 16:46:43

What was the issue? We're migrating all the "backend" of the sites into one location and not all have been brought over yet. If it was a request that was also received through another method (missing credit, support email, etc) though it may have been labeled a duplicate and removed.



04-08-2005 20:58:50

I PM'd you about it. ;)