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04-08-2005 13:03:36

I did freebidding this morning for the flat screen site. I don't need to check anything to say I've done the offer on the site, right (like at OC)? Do they email you after you get credited? It looks like everyone gets credited really quickly for this offer so just wondering...


04-08-2005 13:12:05

Yeah I'm wondering why no credit has came for the supposedly instant tickle IQ offer I did. It's day 2 now... cry

As for checking stuff, no you don't have to check anything that says you've completed the offer.


04-08-2005 13:13:44

OK thanks for the info. I guess we wait...


04-08-2005 13:14:31

Yeah I was kind of suprised when I got no credit because I've heard so many good things about Trainn.


04-08-2005 13:17:09

I did driving4dollars cuz I wanted to get on the a4f conga fast and I never got credit!!!!!! NOOO!! MY LIFE IS OVER!!!


04-08-2005 13:18:43

Are we having crediting problems again?


04-08-2005 14:18:26

They send emails when credit comes in though, right? How long do we have to wait to request credit?

Man, I only decided to do a trainn site since I figured the problems were over, hope it'll be ok...


04-08-2005 14:19:33

Can you see the support ticket that you sent? Because I can't find mine anywhere on the site.


04-08-2005 14:32:58

They never respond to my support tickets, I don't get it.


04-08-2005 14:42:53

Mine's green now. They didn't send me any email but I just logged in and had credit!


04-08-2005 15:14:22

I still have no credit. cry I can't even see my support ticket. Where do you find your support tickets on this site?


04-08-2005 16:36:04

the only site that you CANT see your support tickets is flashipods.

the rest you can find them under help.