Question about one of my referrals

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03-08-2005 22:57:00

Hey one of my referrals did the driving4dollars offer but he used a different email than the one he registered with on accident. Will this effect him getting credit? I am getting a little worried cuz I just got a batch of greens but he wasnt amongst them.


03-08-2005 23:01:42

nah, the email you use for the offer you do has nothing to do with the email you used to sign up for the account.

there are no rules on any of the sites stating you must use the same e-mail for offers that you used to sign up with the free site.

so that wont be a problem.


03-08-2005 23:04:51

Ok I hope your right, lol


03-08-2005 23:13:44

lol, im always right.

except when im wrong D


03-08-2005 23:17:18

haha, wow i went ahead and created a support ticket about this and it was answered right away... at 1116PM PST on a wednesday night nonetheless... This is why I fucking love TRAINN.

Anyway guess it shouldnt be a problem cuz they credit by the click id not the email addy. Awesome -)


03-08-2005 23:20:09

yeah their CS is say the best there is.

not much longer before they are over taking Gratis (as the #1 freebie site) id say.