Freebiddin offer problems anyone?

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20-07-2005 19:46:54

I tried to save the confirmation page on freebidding before it tried to re-direct me and IE crashed. Did this happen to anyone else? I am worried if this will ruin my credit for the offer!!


20-07-2005 19:49:17

Didn't happen to me. You should have the email though showing you were charged. I don't think you will have trouble if it crased because it should have logged you as completing it once you paid. You will find out soon though. It credited for me in a few hours. I say, after 12 hours PM Alan about it.


20-07-2005 20:10:09

I did not get the email yet -(


26-07-2005 01:28:53

same here... i already cancelled but never received any email from them... are they having problems with email accounts?!?


26-07-2005 06:17:31

I used gmail -(


26-07-2005 09:34:26

I was about to do that offer but I decided not to because it didn't look very straight-forward and simple to me. I'm glad I just picked a different one.


26-07-2005 09:51:11

all of my referrals who did this (probably 4-5) got credit within hours

I've been recommending this offer


26-07-2005 11:49:59

I did the offer and got credit within an hour or so..i know what your talking about with the confirmation page that redirects you and you cant go back to copy and paste or save it..just look for the email..great offer though.