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19-07-2005 11:51:30

Here is my little tidbit story. I know Wood has done a little thing on them as well but here is my story! (Ps - thanks to Wood for shedding light on this company for me and got me started as well!)

So after reading the priase Wood placed about Trainn and Flashipods4free.com, I decided to give it ago. I signed up, did my offer and began looking for referrals. I was interested in getting it overnight shipped as well so I talked to Alan and he said for an extra referral I could get it done overnight.

I did freebidding.com but didn't get credit for it but Alan was patient and talked with me and got it taken care of. As for my referrals, I got all six required in about two, three days and they all creditted within the hour of completing their offer. This kind of creditting legitimacy and speed is unheard of these days.

I requested to be approved and by the end of that day I was ready to order. I got the 20gb photo. For some reason, ecost missed the deadline for overnight shipping that day since I got approved late, Alan told me that my thing was going out Monday night. Surely enough around 915am I got my ipod delivered by fedex overnight!

I got my ipod within a week of starting the site! There are a few things that blew me away with TRAINN and flashipods4free.com

1) Alan was ALWAYS patient with me, respected me, and was incredibly kind in regards to credits. I would like to point out that I pestered him like a damn woodpecker with PMs and emails about delivery dates and what not.

2) Incredible creditting service. Almost all of my referrals got credit within 30-60 minutes of completing their offer. Some even got credit 5 minutes after!

3) Close to 40+ offers to choose from! They get their offers from all over the place so there is never one to run out!

Alan and Trainn.org staff, I am now a believer once again in an honest and genuine free site! Thank you so much for this experience and best of luck to continuing such a great program and letting others feel the ease and joy of getting a free ipod from you guys!


19-07-2005 11:55:26

Congrats BoilerMaker!


26-07-2005 02:00:52

congrats man, sound too good to be true ) i'm gonna do this site as well... btw, where did you do your trading?



26-07-2005 07:55:20

Grats, i should be gettin my paypal tonight/tomorrow morning )


26-07-2005 09:40:18

Woah congrats man. I should finish up that site. ;)


26-07-2005 10:21:45

I didn't do any trading for the refs. I just have about 10 friends that I can always count on to do the refs for me.


26-07-2005 11:08:46

[quote8959fcc0cd="purduesafety13"]I didn't do any trading for the refs. I just have about 10 friends that I can always count on to do the refs for me.[/quote8959fcc0cd]
Lucky bastard