tracking #?

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17-07-2005 17:35:10

My tracking number isn't still coming up on my account status Order page. They were supposed to ship it Friday, my account says shipped Saturday, but yet no tracking number. Anyone else having this problem?


17-07-2005 18:26:31

It's listed as "Shipping Soon." That means that we've ordered the item, but don't have a tracking number to confirm shipment yet. Items are typically out of that stage (and updated as shipped) within 48 hours.


18-07-2005 10:01:52

Correction Update

I'll be getting it tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. Alan from Trainn was kind enough to upgrade my shipping to overnight delivery for an extra referral! Great customer service and fast creditting. Pending the delivery of the actual product, this has been the best free site I have ever completed.