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14-12-2009 22:12:27

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Hello FIPG Members!

This month is Kelly Rewards GRAND OPENING. I have been working hard the last few months to make this site excellent for YOU! Kelly Rewards is opening with an amazing 65 great offers and constantly updating. At Kelly Rewards, we strive to give the best support possible! I know how it is, when you are apart of a freebie site and need some help, but they never answer your support tickets( Well that will not happen at Kelly Rewards! If you have any questions, my contact information is at the bottom of this post!

Kelly Rewards has $40 payouts and you can cash out on 1 referral!

Here is what Kelly Rewards has to offer
Great Offers
Excellent Support
Quick Payouts
Forever Green

[b215f515ba5]lililiGRAND OPENING PROMOTIONSlilili[/b215f515ba5]

[b215f515ba5]First GRAND OPENING Promotion
Repeatable Do-It-Yourself GREEN[/b215f515ba5]
Thats right! For Kelly Rewards grand opening, we are allowing you to complete the required credits and cash out on yourself for the full referral amount and receive your free green! But Guess What...You can repeat it as many times as you like! After you cashed out the first time, you can repeat the DIY process and cash out again and again! Then send people to Kelly Rewards using your referral link and make more money!
liliAfter you have greened each time, You must send in a support ticket stating you are doing the DIY Promo and have greened.

[b215f515ba5]Second Grand Opening Promotion
FREE GREEN[/b215f515ba5]
Kelly Rewards is offering a free green to anyone who signs up unreferred! Our Greens Last A LIFETIME!
liliYou must send in a support ticket requesting a Free Green.

I hope you decide to join [url=][][/url] and reward yourself TODAY!

[b215f515ba5]Contact Information[/b215f515ba5]

AIM kyrsupport

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19-12-2009 22:29:54

I now have 76 offers up and running) and I am continuously adding MORE!