freebie rocks network prom 22 AUG / 22 SEP

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freebie rocks

22-08-2009 16:42:39

freebie rocks network prom 22 AUG / 22 SEP[/sizec05f450165]

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http// was 40 now pay 45 1 referral cash out

http// was 60 now pay 65 1 referral cash out

http// was 80 now pay 86 1 referral cash out

http// was 100 now pay 108 1 referral cash out

Extra Bonus For 10 Refs!
Get 10 completed greens this month and receive a $50 bonus! Refs must start and finish during 23 AUG to 23 september.

Guaranteed Credits

This is how it will work

li Only offers completed during August22 to sep 22 will be eligible
li You must submit the offer's original confirmation email with full headers & full email
li A maximum of 1 Missing Credit Request, per user, per site will be allowed.

If an offer for some reason does not credit, submit your MCR 24 hours after you completed the offer. We will grant you the credit within 48 hours of your request

liPlease note, offers that say "MCRs not allowed" cannot have guaranteed credits applied to them.

- 24-Hour PayPal Shipment.
- Excellent Support Team Working Around the Clock
- Custom Order and PayPal Payments on ALL Sites
- NO PayPal Fees
- Highest Points/Offer Values
- 1-Referral Cash Outs
- Forever Green and Repeatable on Your Accounts.


22-08-2009 21:33:43

how was 20.freebierocks $60 to begin with?

freebie rocks

26-08-2009 14:38:22 pay 60 for 3 referrals if this is what you asking.