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16-08-2009 14:00:29

There's a new free stuff site out and it's better than all the others in almost every way! The points are easier to earn and the prizes are cheaper, which means, of course, that you get more free stuff in less time!

Plus, no more bullshit surveys or referrals to get all your points. You get 2 points just for signing in and 2 more for their daily questions such as "Who do you like more, Borat or Bruno?" Pretty simple, right? I've already got half or more points than I have on any other points based site and I've only had the account for a day!
Example the video games are about 60 or so points and I already have 30 in one day! Which means I just started and I'm already half way there.

Prizes include Ipod Touches, video games, cameras, you name it.
So, the only catch is that it's invite only. Still, not too bad. If you're interested in joining, message me your e-mail address and I'll invite you, but be warned that the invite e-mails are slow as hell. I didn't receive mine for 2-3 hours. But it's so worth it.

Oh, and there's a one time only game when you first sign up that can get you 20 to 30 points, so play it carefully!


27-08-2009 18:33:29

This isn't an ad, either!
Haha, just thought I'd mention that. I hate when people try to trick me into joining a crap site for their benefit.