Cash Regime Grand Opening! $500 Worth of Promotions Inside!

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Cash Regime

08-05-2009 12:57:51

Hello FIPG Members!

It gives us great pleasure and excitement to announce the grand opening of the Cash Regime network ([=http//] We have 3 sites Goodies[=http//]Goodies, Benjamins[=http//]Benjamins, and Quirky[=http//]Quirky. Here at Cash Regime, we realize customer satisfaction is the foundation of our network, and we are dedicated to providing the support and service that other networks can only promise. Should you have any questions at any time, you can contact us by any of the ways listed at the bottom of this page.

Now, onto our grand opening promotions!

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On your mark, get set, REFER! We are offering you a way to earn even more free cash for doing what you signed up to do. Collect as many referrals as you can in the grand opening month of May for a chance to win some Benjamins. At the end of May, we will offer a grand prize, consolation prize, and an A for Effort prize for the top three members with the most referrals.

[size=24432b54ec7a]Grand Prize [color=green432b54ec7a]$200[/color432b54ec7a]
Consolation Prize [color=#006400432b54ec7a]$150[/color432b54ec7a]
A for Effort Prize [color=#006400432b54ec7a]$50[/color432b54ec7a][/size432b54ec7a]

Note Our Goodies site will count double the amount compared to Benjamins and Quirky.

[img="432b54ec7a]http//[" alt=""/img432b54ec7a]

Here is your chance to get some free cash for doing nearly nothing at all! There will be a 2 drawings one for $100 and another for $50. If you want to increase your chances of winning, complete any of the following

[img="432b54ec7a]http//[" alt=""/img432b54ec7a]

In order to redeem your tickets, please send an e-mail to with any supporting documents that may be necessary. We will keep track of everyone’s raffle tickets and update a list of the top 10 people [url==http//]here[=http//]here[/url]

[img="432b54ec7a]http//[" alt=""/img432b54ec7a]

For the month of May, we are promoting our 1 referral item Bag of Quirky, found on our [url==http//]Quirky site[=http//]Quirky site[/url]. Normally, a Bag of Quirky can contain anything from a toilet paper roll of money to a brand new Nintendo Wii. But for the first 10 people to cash out a Bag of Quirky, we’ll give them a 40 dollar bonus along with their bag! Act quickly, because you could get a very lucky Bag of Quirky! (For full details on how our Bag of Quirky works, visit our [url==http//]Quirky site[=http//]Quirky site[/url] and read the Bag of Quirky description).

[img="432b54ec7a]http//[" alt=""/img432b54ec7a]

During our first few weeks, we are giving away free greens for all sites! Simply sign up [b432b54ec7a]unreferred [/b432b54ec7a] on any or all of our sites, and submit a support ticket letting us know you want your[color=#006400432b54ec7a] free green[/color432b54ec7a]. Our greens last forever here, so don’t miss your chance!

We pay out every Friday, provided that you submit your order by [b432b54ec7a]Wednesday, 1159PM US Central Time[/b432b54ec7a] of that same week! If you have any questions, please read our [url==http//]FAQ[=http//]FAQ[/url] or contact us in any of the following ways

AIM CashRegime or CashRegimeHelp
Yahoo Cashregime
Leave a message through our toll free number 1-866-574-2975[/b432b54ec7a]

Thanks and good luck!

Cash Regime

09-05-2009 11:44:07

No one wants a free shot at winning $100? All you need to do is post saying you want to participate? If you sign up to any one of our sites, that's another raffle right there!

Cash Regime

11-05-2009 00:53:20

Happy Belated Mothers Day to all the moms out there!

Cash Regime

15-05-2009 13:11:39

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Take advantage of the Referral Race! large cash prizes are at stake, and its very simple!

Winners for the raffle and referral race will be announced in a couple of weeks, DON'T MISS YOUR OPPORTUNITY!

Cash Regime

Cash Regime

22-05-2009 01:23:02

Promotions are still going! Hurry before they end! D