Dollar Hauler Now Open - Promotion - $50 / Referral!

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13-04-2009 01:27:12


It is my pleasure to announce that we are offering [b5df3025bbb]$50/ref[/b5df3025bbb] that reaches payout to be used towards one of many prizes. The standard prizes are either a PS3 or XBOX 360 Elite, but I am more than happy to accept custom orders.


We have a bunch of great offers we just added to help your referrals all get to cash out as easily as possible with nearly $200 in 100% Free offers! (subject to location)

Tell me what you think and of course sign up at http//


13-04-2009 02:13:18

this is not DIY, do-it-yourself. this is referral-based. also idk about board rules but it might be spam to post here.


13-04-2009 02:20:22


The site is not referral based, but the promotion is. I have no intention of spamming the Free iPod Guide Forum so if this IS in the wrong place I am sorry.

Care to post a review?