CashYowza! Ridiculously Awesome April Contest + FREE GREENS!

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05-04-2009 19:02:41

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Announcing CashYowza's Ridiculously Awesome April

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<" alt=""/img> Classic Referral Race
You know the rules.
[b405471e697]1st Place $200
2nd Place $100
3rd Place $50[/b405471e697]

<" alt=""/img> 10% Increased Payouts
Just as simple as it sounds. All payouts increased 10%. This [b405471e697]DOES[/b405471e697] stack on top of our "1,000 and beyond" if you are already at an increased payout level.

<" alt=""/img> $100 Drawing
A raffle-type drawing for $100. Here's how you get tickets
[b405471e697]1 Ticket for each cashout.
2 Tickets for adding us to your trade thread.
2 Tickets for posting a proof picture / testimonial on FLR or A4F and email us the link
3 Tickets for mentioning us outside the community, YouTube, Blogs etc (and email us the link)[/b405471e697]

<" alt=""/img> FREE GREENS
Yep. Free greens for un-referred users. Say "Free Green Please" in this thread or click the 'Contact' link on our website.

<" alt=""/img> Points Race
Boy, if I was talking I'd be out of breath by now. You could really benefit from this. As you may have heard, we increase your payout amount every 250 points past 1,000 you accumulate (1,000 for regular cashout), so chasing this prize will make all your future CashYowza experiences up to 40% more worthwhile.
[b405471e697]This goes to whoever accumulates the most points in April.
1st Place $30
2nd Place $15[/b405471e697]

The best part of all this? WE ARE NEW! Maybe we shouldn't be telling you this, but currently there are only 9 registered members at CashYowza. That means if you want this money -- IT'S YOURS! There is literally NO COMPETITION!

3 Sites in our network, all eligible for this contest
25 CashYowza
50 CashYowza
Sony CashYowza


13-04-2009 13:00:45

Easy Pickin's[/sized9886c7a48][/colord9886c7a48]http//[" alt=""/imgd9886c7a48]

[img="d9886c7a48]http//[" alt=""/imgd9886c7a48][color=darkredd9886c7a48][size=24d9886c7a48]Referral Race[/sized9886c7a48][/colord9886c7a48]
The only people hanging out at CashYowza so far, are free greener's. Refer somebody & cashout and this prize is already yours!

[img="d9886c7a48]http//[" alt=""/imgd9886c7a48][color=darkredd9886c7a48][size=24d9886c7a48]10% Increased Payouts[/sized9886c7a48][/colord9886c7a48]
Well this is too easy... cash out and there ya go

[img="d9886c7a48]http//[" alt=""/imgd9886c7a48][color=darkredd9886c7a48][size=24d9886c7a48]Points Race[/sized9886c7a48][/colord9886c7a48]
Hmm, I think 1 offer would put you in the lead?

Cmon' over! We got plenty of easy pickin's for you to take home today.
Check out the first page of this thread to see all the promotions [url==http//]Here[=http//]Here[/url][color=darkredd9886c7a48][/colord9886c7a48]