Grand Opening Promos: $1,000 in CASH: Referral race, raffle!

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22-03-2009 11:11:47

[ic07d027bf5][bc07d027bf5]Grand Opening Promos $1,000 in FREE prizes and more!
[bc07d027bf5]Reward Globe [/bc07d027bf5]([] launched just a few weeks ago with 8 sites with some of the most competitive offer-to-payout weights in the industry and a selection of over 120+ offers to choose from with the list regularly being updated.

To celebrate the grand opening of the Reward Globe network this month we have some great promotions to kick things off with something everyone can appreciate heaps of FREE cash prizes! Why not get off on the right foot? That’s why this month we are holding 3 separate promotions with over $1,000 in prizes to be won. Interested in getting in on the action? Check it out!

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First up on the promo docket for this month is the classic referral race with over $750 in free cash for the top five users that are able to garner the most referrals on any combination of our websites. Note Our Laptops & HDTV websites are $80/referral and 2.0 credits and as such each referral cashed out on either of these websites is worth double that of the $40/referral websites.

[size=12c07d027bf5][bc07d027bf5]1. $400
2. $175
3. $100
4. $50
5. $25[/bc07d027bf5][/sizec07d027bf5]

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Why stop at a referral race, though? Everyone loves a good ol’ fashion draw with a chance at grabbing a little something for nothing – so here it is. For our first draw (many to come, stay tuned) we are going to raffle off a free $250 in cash! There are a number of ways you can earn tickets for entry into the raffle

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In an effort to keep things organized and fluid, you must submit your requests for tickets to the email= address [email][ address [email][/email] with any supporting links/material required.

For example, if you are trying to earn tickets for posting one of our sites in your trade thread please provide a link to that. The same goes for a YouTube video, or website – just include a link that belongs to you.

As opposed to sending individual response emails with the # of tickets each user currently has we will be simply updating an online Leaderboard with the standings on a daily (likely more frequent) basis.
Leaderboard link[/bc07d027bf5][/ic07d027bf5] – will be published on the network portal page ( and in respective thread(s) in the coming days.

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If $1,000 in cash prizes for a grand opening was not good enough reason to get started with Reward Globe, we decided it’s only right we give-a-way some FREE greens, too! Interested in getting a free green? You know the scoop – sign-up unreferred at ANY of our websites and you are automatically eligible.

In order to claim your free green simply submit a support ticket stating that you have signed up unreferred on any of our websites and we’ll have the credit applied right away. Alternatively, feel free to reply to this thread, send us an e-mail, or reach me on AIM @ RGlobe Support. Come introduce yourself!

[bc07d027bf5][ic07d027bf5]Limit[/bc07d027bf5][/ic07d027bf5] You may receive up to three (3) free greens during this promotional period across our entire network of websites. Don’t worry though; plenty more free greens will follow in future promos!

[ic07d027bf5][bc07d027bf5]Why Reward Globe?[/bc07d027bf5][/ic07d027bf5]
[lic07d027bf5] Over 120+ offers to choose from with competitive offer-weights.
[lic07d027bf5] Quick and helpful support for all your problems available via AIM/MSN, e-mail, and soon 1-800 phone support!
[lic07d027bf5] 8 websites and plenty of gift options.
[lic07d027bf5] Custom Order Choose what you want.
[lic07d027bf5] Speedy payments.
[lic07d027bf5] Frequent promotions with lots of cash prizes and much more!
Additional Information[/bc07d027bf5][/ic07d027bf5]

[url==http//]http//[=http//]http//[/url] – A world of FREE gifts!
MSN [email=][][/email]
AIM RGlobe Support

[ic07d027bf5]Note The above promos will be running from February 18th, 2009 until April 1st, 2009.[/ic07d027bf5]