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22-03-2009 11:03:35

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After countless hours of hard work and development it is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce the grand opening of Reward Globe a new network of freebie websites that strives to work for[ic6d03cca78] you. [/ic6d03cca78]

[ic6d03cca78][bc6d03cca78]About Reward Globe[/bc6d03cca78][/ic6d03cca78][uc6d03cca78]
We strive to deliver on what so many others only promise first-class support, quick payments, competitive offer weights, and much more! It's no secret that there are plenty of "fly-by" freebie websites that come along promising many of the same things, so what makes us different?

[lic6d03cca78]Our sites are repeatable & forever green!
[lic6d03cca78]Over 120+ great offers to choose from with highly competitive credit weights.
[lic6d03cca78]Superior support available via AIM, MSN, and more.
[lic6d03cca78]Plenty of great prizes and sites to choose from!
[lic6d03cca78]Unique design with plenty of unique features on the up and coming.
[lic6d03cca78]Quick payments expect your gift as soon as you cash-out; within minutes!

One of the most important elements for a pleasurable experience is helpful customer support when you need it no exceptions. There's nothing more irritating then sending in a support ticket or e-mail and not receiving a response until days later. In an effort to combat this problem and enhance the user experience you can expect responses to your questions in just hours, not days. Support can be reached via
1. Support Tickets Already a member with account specific questions? Submit a support ticket with your questions and expect a response within a few hours, at most!
2. E-mail Our support email= is [email][ is [email][/email] and emails are checked regularly throughout the day and replied to right away.
3. AIM & MSN Have a quick question or need an issue addressed right away? Not a problem, just drop us a message at "RGlobe Support" on AIM or [email=][][/email] on MSN for live, immediate support.

[ic6d03cca78][bc6d03cca78]Our Network[/bc6d03cca78]
At launch, we currently have eight [8] referral-based websites that offer a variety of gift choices and the popular cash option. If one of our sites does not contain the prize you're looking for feel free to get in touch with us for a custom order. Stay tuned in the future for upcoming reward websites that could include the cash back, points, or DIY variety.
1 credit = $40/referral
2 credit = $80/referral[/ic6d03cca78]

[url==http//]Apple[=http//]Apple[/url] 1 credit
[url==http//]Gift Cards[=http//]Gift Cards[/url] 1 credit
[url==http//]Cash[=http//]Cash[/url] 1 credit
[url==http//]Xbox 360[=http//]Xbox 360[/url] 1 credit
[url==http//]Playstation 3[=http//]Playstation 3[/url] 1 credit
[url==http//]Nintendo Wii[=http//]Nintendo Wii[/url] 1 credit
[url==http//]Laptops[=http//]Laptops[/url] 2 credits
[url==http//]HDTV[=http//]HDTV[/url] 2 credits

To celebrate our Grand Opening we are giving $1,000 in FREE cash and prizes across several different promotions.

Looking for more details? Check out our homepage (and expect a forthcoming thread) for more information. This month we are running several promotions so do not miss out on your chance to score some extra free stuff!

Homepage [url==http//]http//[=http//]http//[/url]

[ic6d03cca78][bc6d03cca78]What to Expect[/bc6d03cca78][/ic6d03cca78]

There's plenty more in-store here at Reward Globe in the coming weeks (and months) but we would hate to ruin the surprises before they are ready so be sure to stay tuned to the forums and our homepage for more details regarding upcoming features, promos, and more.

We are committed to delivering on our promise of a superior user experience with our network and hope that you are ready and willing to let our actions speak for our words come give us a try today!



10-04-2009 02:23:59

site scam ! don't pay for member .