Make a Home in FREEBIE CITY! Official Site Launch!

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02-03-2009 00:24:34

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[size=16bb055e5960]Welcome to the Official Launch of [color=#00FF00bb055e5960]Freebie City[/sizebb055e5960][/colorbb055e5960]!

[size=14bb055e5960]What do we have to Offer?[/sizebb055e5960]

[libb055e5960]Top Notch Crediting
[libb055e5960]Instant Payouts
[libb055e5960]Friendly 1on1 Support
[libb055e5960]Huge Selection of Offers
[libb055e5960]Monthly Promotions

As an opening promotion, We are offering [color=#00FF00bb055e5960]FREE GREENS[/colorbb055e5960] to the first 100 users to sign up unreferred at FreebieCity and post their ref links in this thread! Free Greens will be gone in no time! Get in while you can.

[size=22bb055e5960][url==http//][color=#00FF00bb055e5960]SIGN UP HERE[/colorbb055e5960][=http//][color=#00FF00bb055e5960]SIGN UP HERE[/colorbb055e5960][/url]![/sizebb055e5960]

[size=14bb055e5960][color=#FF0000bb055e5960]Caution[/colorbb055e5960] If you are already a member of FTC (Free Treasure Chest), this is one of our partner sites, so you must Extend your existing account to FreebieCity.

Feel free to contact us here, or on AIM at [color=#2E8B57bb055e5960]FTCsupport [/colorbb055e5960]if you need anything.

Thank you all for supporting our brand new network!

I hope everyone has a great month!

AIM FTCsupport[/sizebb055e5960]