4 February PROMOS including FREE GREENS

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Innovus Net

10-02-2009 14:24:02

To coincide with the launch of Innovus Netís two newest subsites

- http//cameras.innovusnet.com[]http//cameras.innovusnet.com [bb01d8d30d7](free greens)[/bb01d8d30d7]
- http//one2green.innovusnet.com[]http//one2green.innovusnet.com [bb01d8d30d7](free greens)[/bb01d8d30d7]

Innovus Net is going all out in February, doing what we can to give the most back to our users. Our February promotions features different a few different contests, from testimonial bonuses to an individual referral race, and can be found at http//www.innovusnet.com/promotions.php[]http//www.innovusnet.com/promotions.php. As always, Innovus Net can only continue succeed with the help of our users, so all feedback is welcome. Without further adieu, the following make-up The Innovus Net February Promotions

http//www.innovusnet.com/images/febpromos.jpg[" alt=""/imgb01d8d30d7]

[lib01d8d30d7][bb01d8d30d7]21 Days of Free Greens![/bb01d8d30d7]
Thatís right, you asked for it and weíve brought it back! We will be giving out the ever-popular FREE GREEN to all users that sign up unreferred to [url=]http//cameras.innovusnet.com[]http//cameras.innovusnet.com[/url] and/or [url=]http//one2green.innovusnet.com[]http//one2green.innovusnet.com[/url], the two newest additions to our network. Simply sign up unreferred within the next 21 days, submit a support ticket requesting that we waive your full offer requirements, and you will be given your FREE GREEN! This promotion only runs for the next three weeks, so get in on it soon!
Begins 2/9/09
Ends 3/2/09[/bb01d8d30d7]

[lib01d8d30d7][bb01d8d30d7]Individual Tiered Referral Race[/bb01d8d30d7]
We commonly see network ref races, and actually featured this type of contest two months ago. However, this time around every user who reaches certain tiers will be rewarded for their hard work. Essentially, the only person you competing against is yourself! As long as you have a referral complete their full offer requirements and go green you will automatically be entered into this promotion. Please note that this contest ends 45 days after this initial announcement, and after this time all qualifying users will be compensated. The referral race tiers are as follows

3Ė 4 referrals = $15 bonus
5 Ė 7 referrals = $30 bonus
8 - 9 referrals = $60 bonus
10-11 = $75 bonus
12+ = $85 bonus

[bb01d8d30d7]In addition to these individual accolades, we couldnít let Innovus Netís top performers go unnoticed, and whoever refers the most GREEN users to IN during the length of this promotion will receive a $50 bonus on top of their individual prize, with second place getting $20 extra![/bb01d8d30d7]

[lib01d8d30d7][bb01d8d30d7]Testimonial Submission Bonus[/bb01d8d30d7]
We all know what it feels like to have successfully completed a freebie site and receive a FREE gift, and think itís best for everyone to share in this accomplishment as well. Therefore, if you have referred someone to ANY Innovus Net site and have received a cash out for your hard work, we ask that you let other users know about this achievement in the form of a testimonial on our site or Brag Thread here on the forums. After letting others know about your experience with Innovus Net, send in a support ticket on the site containing a link to your post, or let us know about your Testimonial submission, and we will send you a $3 PayPal bonus as our gratitude. This promotion will end in 45 days at the same time of our individual referral race.

[lib01d8d30d7][bb01d8d30d7]Best Youtube Video Contest[/bb01d8d30d7]
Contests that get everyone involve seem to work the best an provide for the most fun (SEE Innovus Net Christmas Tree promotion), and in continuing this trend we are pledging $25 to the Innovus Net fan that posts the funniest and most unique Youtube video. We ask that users only show us their one, top, favorite video of all time, and do your best to keep it clean haha. After thirty days, the Innovus Net staff will choose the best video out of all the submissions and send this person a $25 bonus. An honorable mention video participant will also receive a prize of $15. Feel free to post your video here on the forums, or submit it to us by other means. A winner will be chosen in three weeks, with the contest ending the same time as our Free Green special.

Good luck to everyone in The Innovus Net February Promotions! If you have any questions, concerns, or general feedback, we are always here to help.