Announcing 2 New Sites at Innovus Net

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10-02-2009 14:15:36

Hello all, we hope everyone is doing well. As part of Innovus Netís continued dedication to growth, expansion, and ultimate user satisfaction, we are both excited and proud to unveil our two newest sites

- http//[]http// [bc7817aa96f](free greens!)[/bc7817aa96f]
- http//[]http// [bc7817aa96f](free greens!)[/bc7817aa96f]
Both these sites are now LIVE, meaning you can start working on those FREE gifts at anytime!

Cameras pays out at a rate of $50 per referral, features many offers that carry some of the highest credit values among ALL freebie sites, and presents a nice selection of the most popular digital cameras out there today. [bc7817aa96f]As part of our Innovus Net February Promotions, be sure to request a free GREEN if you sign up to this site unreferred. [/bc7817aa96f]

Innovus Net has always received great feedback from our users, and recently we had seen a rise in requests for a new and unique IN subsite. Well, we went to work to answer those requests and now have for you! What sets this subsite apart from all the others you ask? One2Greenís specialty is relayed in its name, as it only features FULL CREDIT OFFERS, with each referral being worth $30! Thatís right, only ONE free trial completion is needed to achieve your full offer requirements. Going Green has never been easier, in fact, its now as easy as One, Two, Green! Youíll also want to check out the gift selection on this subsite, as it also relays definite uniqueness. In conjunction with our February Promotions, users that sign up to this new site unreferred may request a free GREEN as well.

If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback we are always here to help. Shoot us a PM, AIM, or e-mail and weíll get back to you as soon as we can. Be sure to check out Innovus Netís newest promos. Good luck in our February contests, and enjoy the new sites everyone! lol