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14-01-2009 11:15:44

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[color=darkred8f6206a6cb] [size=188f6206a6cb]CashYowza Networks is proud to present our new site! [/size8f6206a6cb][/color8f6206a6cb]

[color=darkred8f6206a6cb][size=168f6206a6cb]1 Credit + 1 Referral = $50
Forever green after that, just refer for another $50![/size8f6206a6cb][/color8f6206a6cb]

[color=darkblue8f6206a6cb][size=188f6206a6cb]Grand Opening Bonuses are going on NOW! Hurry before someone else gets them all![/size8f6206a6cb][/color8f6206a6cb]

[color=green8f6206a6cb][size=188f6206a6cb]1. Free Greens for unreferred users.

2. First person to get 10 green referrals = $50 Bonus

3. First person to get 20 green referrals = $100 Bonus

4. First person to get 30 green referrals = $200 Bonus

And these all stack! So if you are the first person who hits each bonus, You've made $1900 !!![/size8f6206a6cb][/color8f6206a6cb]

Just send support email for free green, include username, and email for verification.

These bonuses are a 1 time offer. Once someone hits 10, 20, 30 referrals, those specials will be removed and the contest standings will be updated.

But we aren't stopping here! We're gonna be rolling out another promotion right after this! So come on over and check us out! Lots of unique offers and plenty for residents of USA, CA, UK, and other non-US


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Yes. From overexposure to pure awesomeness.