Fenominal Freebies One Ref/Same Day Payout Promo!

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Fenominal Freebies

02-01-2009 07:38:22

We here at Fenominal Freebies would like to kick things off for the new year. For the month of January, we are going to allow users to cash out with one referral AND get paid on the same day that you submit your order!!

There's not much more to it! We want to give users the opportunity to come and use our site and get to know us a little better!! We hope to work with you all very very soon and PLEASE, if you have any questions or just wanna chat, do not hesitate!

We can be found on AIM @ fenominalfreebie
PM us here!

Looking forward to a very prosperous New Year with all of you!


02-01-2009 07:58:56

AWESOME PROMO!!! Time for me to get to work!! )

Fenominal Freebies

03-01-2009 17:08:03

[quoteb81aadd6f0="QTWITHLOCS"]AWESOME PROMO!!! Time for me to get to work!! )[/quoteb81aadd6f0]

Yup!! We've been working very diligently on getting the offers updated and making it easier for you guys to get referrals!!

Fenominal Freebies

05-01-2009 13:06:45

Still updating offers = )!! Come check us out guys!! We're so anxious to get to know you all and start working with you!

Fenominal Freebies

11-01-2009 17:13:50

It's almost Monday!! And we're still at it = ) Stop by and visit us! We'll be working hard all week to bring you guys new offers and keep things updated so you're referrals should have no problems going green!

Fenominal Freebies

16-01-2009 06:56:28


Fenominal Freebies

19-01-2009 13:26:11

Still here and working hard! Come work with us this week!

Fenominal Freebies

21-01-2009 11:42:32

We're still here...updating offers to make the site easier for our users!