New camera site looking to pay out ASAP!

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04-12-2008 12:34:40

I manage the camera section of the site The link is http//[]http// I am giving out free greens to whoever signs up and emails me. Just sign up and email me the email address that you signed up under, then you'll just have to get referrals, you wont have to complete any offers.

My email= address is address is

Also you can email me with ANY questions or comments you have.


05-12-2008 17:37:04

Ok, I am now giving out $5 for every referral you recruit that earns a full credit. THATS RIGHT! Not only do you not have to complete any offers, and will be getting a free digital camera but you'll be getting $5 for every referral you recruit that earns 1 full credit.

This is restricted only to users that email me with the email address that they signed up under. So don't hesitate and create an account and get your referral link and start getting those referrals.

Again, don't hesitate to email= me with anything me with anything