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Innovus Net

30-10-2008 19:04:22

Hey All,

Just wanted to remind everyone of our Greenlight Special! Join Innovus Net for free today and get your offer requirements fulfilled. Just refer friends and earn rewards!

Here are some of the major highlights of joining our network, Innovus Net
payout of $50 per every referral
some of THE HIGHEST offer values in the incentivized marketing community
Custom Order feature with no minimum referral requirement (can place Custom Order with only 1 referral if desired)
availability of PayPal payment as a Custom Order option
we accept Manual Credit Requests on all sites
GUARANTEED 24 hour order approval process
access to both referral and points-based (do-it-yourself) sites
always accessible customer support
professional backing allowing for intuitive promotions and higher-than-usual offer values


Innovus Net

07-11-2008 13:56:27

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[url==http//]Sign Up Today![=http//]Sign Up Today![/url]