Freebies4me Network September Promo!!!

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05-09-2008 16:25:52

First and foremost, “4 for 3″ is back!!! Bring in 3 greens, get paid for 4! Works on both Freebies4me and Offers4me.

Second, we are guaranteeing credits again for the entire month of September…rules are the same as last month

All you have to do is submit a valid credit request and mention in the Notes section that you want to use your Credit Guarantee. If we approve the request you will receive credit immediately. there are a few rules to this promotion…

li Only two requests allowed per person. This includes the Freebies4me and Offers4me sites.

li Your account must be in good standing.

li This offer is not valid on full 1 credit offers.

li Guaranteed credits are only valid on offers which accept credit requests

Hint You can filter our offers for those that do accept MCR and those that do not!

IM me if you have questions, send a support ticket, or PM me on the forums for more info!