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24-08-2008 17:21:46

Hey everyone, we just wanted to announce some MAJOR changes to the Greenlight Special Innovus Net Launch Promotion. And remember, Innovus Net is a green forever network, meaning once you fulfill your full offer credit on any site, you can repeatedly order without having to complete anymore offers. In other words, take advantage of our latest promo updates and get your FREE green while you can!

Our $50 per referral network can be found at , with subsequent subsites (Gifts, Gift Cards, LCDs, and Points) found on this portal. Now, without further adieu, check out our latest promo updates

With the recent launch of Innovus Net, we feel the need to celebrate, and what better way to do that than by giving back to our first users! The first promotion in our site's history will actually be a compilation of a few different extras that users can achieve. From FREE offer credits to $100 rewards we hope to emulate the essence of the incentivized marketing industry by rewarding our earliest users. The different promotions, and their subsequent rules, making up Innovus Net's Greenlight Special are as follows

1.) Every user who signs up unreferred to any of our three referral sites will receive a FREE full offer credit (FREE green)!! That's right, just sign up to either Gifts, Gift Cards, or LCDs, send in a support ticket expressing your interest in getting the FREE green, and your offer requirements will be waived! Instead of having to do offers yourself, all you will have to do to receive your FREE gift is refer a few friends. This promotion has an unlimited number of spots and runs until 1159 PM EST on September 10th. Also, the same user can sign up on all three of our referral-based sites and receive a FREE green on each of these sites, and remember, Innovus Net is a green-for-life network.

2.) Continuing with the first part of the Greenlight Special - Innovus Net Launch Promotion, a list will be kept of all the user's who have received a free green which will be made available to the public. Why the list you ask? Well, the 11th person to enter, the 24th person to enter, the 36th person to enter, and the 51st person to enter will each receive an IMMEDIATE payment of $50. If you just happen to be our 11th user to receive a FREE green, we'll send you $50 on the spot, no questions asked!

3.) Moving away from the fist two aspects of our Greenlight Special promotion, we would like to reward the very first user who receives a FREE gift on our site. The first person to cashout with more than two referrals will receive a $50 bonus added on to their order! It's that simple, no need to alert us, the first time an order is sent out on Innovus Net an extra $50 will be tacked onto it!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to shoot us an e-mail at or just submit a Support Ticket from the site. GREEN means GO, so let's get this started today! Good luck to all!


24-08-2008 19:30:01

nice lookin site

Innovus Net

25-08-2008 10:19:35

thanks, we put a lot of effort into the website and it is surely paying off. We've recieved great feedback so far. Our FREE Greens special is still going on, simply register an account. Remember our 11th sign up gets an automatic FREE $50!

Innovus Net

26-08-2008 17:47:15

Hey everyone, as it stands now there are 15 days left in the Greenlight Special Innovus Net Launch Promotion (found at[], and we are just 7 new sign up/promo entries away from giving out our first FREE $50! Also remember that the very first order of at least two referrals to be placed with our network will have an EXTRA $50 tacked on to it!

Here are some of the major highlights of joining our network, Innovus Net
payout of $50 per every referral
Custom Order feature with no minimum referral requirement (can place Custom Order with only 1 referral if desired)
availability of PayPal payment as a Custom Order option
we accept Manual Credit Requests on all sites
GUARANTEED 24 hour order approval process
access to both referral and points-based (do-it-yourself) sites
always accessible customer support
professional backing allowing for intuitive promotions and higher-than-usual offer values

As usual, if you have any questions you can contact or shoot an AIM message to Innovus Net. Thanks again and we hope to see you soon at[]!!!


31-08-2008 06:19:23

hello i just went to check out your new sites, have to tell you that there very impressive ( their look , design) very professionnal !

i just wanted to tell that i have read you rules and it say that we canadian can too sign up on your sites but when i went to created my account, our province cannot be found and my zip code cannot be written because there's not enough space, i need one space more since canadian zip code need 6 in total

Innovus Net

01-09-2008 09:27:46

Thank you for the compliments on the site! We have just added every Canadian province to the drop down menu on our registration page, so you should be good to go. As for the zip code, international users should enter "99999" in that field and then send their actual listing to administration via Support Ticket.

Remember, FREE GREENS are still available to ANYONE on ALL THREE of our referral based sites! Simply sign up unreferred, send in a Support Ticket requesting for us to waive your offer credit requirements, and you're good to go! And also, we are just a few FREE GREEN requests away from giving out that extra $50! Simply be the 11th entry into our promotion and $50 will be sent to your PayPal account immediately!

Innovus Net

08-09-2008 20:23:05

We just did some more payouts and would like to congratulate our winners for their instant $50 payouts. [bb8b30ecb3e]We still have a few more spots open, simply register (no offers need to be completed) and you could win an instant $50.[/bb8b30ecb3e]

Also our [bb8b30ecb3e]Free Greens Special[/bb8b30ecb3e] is still going on. We have received great feedback from our users and hope that we can continue to impress the Innovus Net Community.

Our staff is available day and night! Submit questions, comments, or tickets at any time of the day and expect a very speedy reply.

Thanks again for using Innovus Net!

Innovus Net

18-09-2008 13:10:34

Free Greens Continues!!!!![/colorc357cb7873][/sizec357cb7873]

Don't miss out get yours today at[]

Innovus Net

05-10-2008 16:41:07

We're Paying $50 Per Referral![/color24e8789657][/size24e8789657]