Announcing the launch of Innovus Net! Earn $50 per referral!

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Innovus Net

23-08-2008 13:57:39

Hi everyone, we are both pleased and excited to announce the unveiling of our brand new incentivized marketing network, Innovus Net! As of 400 PM on 8/23/08, Innovus Net became live and was officially opened for business. You can find the main portal of our site at, with our subsequent subsites listed in a dropdown menu.

We have built our network around the ideals of professionalism--as a professional network yields better rewards for all parties involved--and user happiness--ultimate user satisfaction should be the main goal in any type of consumer related business. Innovus Net also harps on variety, and hence gives users access to over 65 cheap, easy, and fun trial offers. Completion of these offers and referral of new members to our network directly translates to rewards on your end, as we pay out an industry-high $50 per referral! Yes, for each user that you refer to our site who completes their required offers, you will earn $50. We also have a guaranteed same-day approval and shipment pledge. If your order does not have action taken on it within 24 hours after initial submit, we will add $50 to your order.

A final trait which Innovus Net hopes to be characterized by is that of accessibility. Between support tickets on the site, two e-mail accounts( and, two AIM accounts (InnovusNet and Innovus Support), and live chat on our Contact Us page, we will answer any questions you pose to us in as timely of a period as possible.

We hope we can build a strong foundation here at FreeiPodGuide which will last for a very long time. Users can check out our four active websites,,, and (which is set up in a DIY, non-referral based format). To coincide with the launch of Innovus Net, we are currently running an easy and fun promotion known as the Greenlight Special - Innovus Net Launch Promotion, with the rules being as follows

The first promotion in our site's history will allow user's the chance to earn a free FULL OFFER CREDIT, simply by gaining their first referral. In other words, if you do exactly what you're supposed to do, we're going to reward you by waiving your requirement to complete any offers! The rules to Innovus Net's Greenlight Special are as follows

1.) User's must first sign up unreferred in order to be eligible for the promotion.

2.) You must next submit a support ticket with the title "Greenlight Special!" to notify administration of your desire to participate. Get on this part now, as this promotion is limited to the first 20 people who EARN their first referral.

3.) The first 20 people who have signed up unreferred, notified the admin of their participation, and gained their first referral will be given a FREE full offer credit. By getting a referral, you yourself won't have to do any offers for the site you are working on!

4.) User's are eligible to gain a second full offer credit as long as they participate on a different site (i.e., if User A signs up on Gifts and gets his referral and subsequent free offer credit, then User A can attempt to get a second full offer credit on LCDs and/or Gift Cards as well; Points is a non-referral based site and is therefore exempt from this promotion).

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to shoot us an e-mail at or just submit a Support Ticket from the site. GREEN means GO, so let's get this started today! Good luck to all and we hope you enjoy your Innovus Net experience!