$10 sign up bonus. Custom orders. Free Greens. Limited time.

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16-08-2008 22:20:44


This is a new site that just launched. Great offers and most credit pretty quickly and approval time is only 1 day.

You can custom order anything you want. You can order video games, sports equipment, gift cards, baby gear, electronic stuff, concert tickets, etc. You order it, we ship it to you free.

New Bonus to all new members When you order your first gift, get $10 Free.[/color1caeeebe6a] After you have ordered, reply to this thread with your email address used to open the account and you will be sent $10 extra [/color1caeeebe6a]just as a thank you for trying the site

The site is referrals.santasgiftsallyear.com

If you have additional questions, find us on AIM at SantasGiftsHelp[/color1caeeebe6a]. Also, this is for US only.


22-08-2008 11:06:16

Get in on this offer! $10 Bonus!


24-08-2008 19:58:19

This offer wont last long, get your FREE green


27-08-2008 14:18:17

New offers added. Great site and fast shipping