Givafree Promotion - 30$ FREE!

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09-08-2008 18:35:39

Hey everyone!

We are still looking to get your [b49f9bb9623]PROOF VIDEO[/b49f9bb9623] ! If you already received a gift or getting one soon, all you have to do is

- Do a video of you (YOUR FACE!) with your gift! (If you got paypal, just print it and show it!)

- Just explain how was your experience with Givafree!

- Upload it on Youtube and send us the link at!

Example http//

And that's it!
You got a 10$ giftcard or 10$ by paypal, FREE!

[b49f9bb9623]liliFOR THE FIRST 5 VIDEOS![/b49f9bb9623]
First 5 person to send us that video, you're not going to get 10$, but 30$ FREE!

Do it fast! D

-Carl Fontaine - Givafree Admin

liNOTE If we don't see you in the video, you're not going to get this free promotion.


09-10-2008 09:55:19

Please pm me as soon as possible.