Givafree Terms and Conditions UPDATE

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06-08-2008 08:49:47

We made some change in our Terms and Conditions, please take a look. Thank you
Terms and Conditions[/b4d2c72ac8e]

When you are using this website, you agree this terms and conditions.

Givafree can change its terms and conditions anytime. We can change the required value of each gift or offer at any time.

1- Sign Up

(1) The user must use a legit e-mail address.

(2) The user must provide complete and legitimate information. We send gifts to USA and Canada without shipping fees.

[b4d2c72ac8e](3) We send gifts anywhere in the world! Outside USA and Canada, you have to pay for the shipping or get extra referrals to cover the shipping.[/b4d2c72ac8e]

(4) Users can not use a public internet connection on our website, [b4d2c72ac8e]this includes but not limited to Internet Cafe, Hôtel, Work, University/College Campus.[/b4d2c72ac8e] Anyone using a proxy connection will be placed on hold and will forfeit their account. [b4d2c72ac8e]These terms apply to full use of the website at all times, not just registration.[/b4d2c72ac8e]

(5) Users can only have one account per site in our network. [b4d2c72ac8e]If you wish to complete our sites over, please open a support ticket so we can reset your account.[/b4d2c72ac8e]

(6) Different IP addresses on your account will not affect the status. However, the same IP address on two accounts will result in the users being placed on hold.

(7) Givafree can place an account on hold for ANY suspect activity.

2- The Offers

(1) Users may only only complete an offer One Time. Doing an offer more than once will result in your accounts being placed on hold.

(2) Givafree does not guarantee that a user will receive credit for any offer. We reserve the right to refuse a user credit for an offer for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, lack of appropriate information or fraudulent information.

(3) Givafree is not responsible for delays in reporting offer completion or failure to receive credit. We will be glad to assist you in this process.

(4) Users can complete extra offers for extra credits. However, users can not ever do the same offer twice.

3- Order

(1) Givafree takes measures to ensure that the user receives payments and rewards within a reasonable amount of time. We ship orders each Saturday.

(2) All rewards are sent to the shipping address provided by the user at ordering time. It is the responsibility of the user to verify that the shipping address provided is correct.

(3) Givafree is not responsible for any lost orders due to inaccurate shipping information, theft or mis-delivery.

[b4d2c72ac8e](4) We allow our users to get one gift at a time from each site in our network. If you wish to receive subsequent gifts, you have to open a support ticket asking for your account to be reset. Until your account is reset, you CAN NOT get other referrals as they will not count toward your gift. All completed referrals are lost when we reset the account. Givafree is not responsible for any lost referals.[/b4d2c72ac8e]

[b4d2c72ac8e] (5) Givafree is fully repeatable. When your account is reset, you have to met the offer requirement again or get an extra referral to cover it. (Not forever green)[/b4d2c72ac8e]