Free Green Promotion at PrizeOasis!

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05-08-2008 08:59:19

SOO Many updates that I have not announced here yet! First, go look at the new design! Its better then ever, with some of the best offer weights youll ever see.


Also, feel free to register on whatever sites you want for free greens! Sign up unreferred and submit a support ticket saying your from FiPG. PrizeOasis offers instant (many times within minutes of ordering) payouts, promotions and tons of give aways. Check it out and post back here with any questions!


10-08-2008 07:49:54



25-08-2008 17:20:55

Great support on this site, and very fast payment!!! I was approved and paid within minutes of my order a couple of weeks ago....I highly recommend this network!!!!!!!!!!