Freebies4me/Offers4me Back to School Extravaganza

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31-07-2008 15:52:22

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09-08-2008 16:54:22

We have posted this week's standings in the HDTV giveaway...

Standings (Updated 8/8/2008)

Freebies4me contest (46″ Samsung 1080p HDTV)

F4M-1747 - 5 Refs
F4M-282 - 2 Refs
F4M-4743 - 2 Refs

Offers4me contest (32″ Samsung 1080p HDTV)

O4M-36 - 3 Refs
3 members are tied at 1 ref each

Good luck to everyone participating…thanks for kicking this contest off to a quick start!