Fenominal Freebies' Sensational Summer Promo ~!~!~!~

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Fenominal Freebies

31-07-2008 13:29:51

[ba119776b65][ua119776b65]Hey Everyone!!! [/ua119776b65][/ba119776b65][/colora119776b65]

We hope you are all enjoying your summer! We here at Fenominal Freebies have been having quite the crazy summer and we wanted to add to our craziness with an August Promo like no other!!![/colora119776b65]

[ba119776b65]So, this promo will begin at 1200 am EST on August 1st, 2008 and run until 1159 pm EST on August 31st, 2008 AND here we go.............[/ba119776b65][/colora119776b65][/sizea119776b65]

1. For each referral you bring in during the month of August, $1 will be added to your payout/referral with a maximum of $60/referral.[/colora119776b65][/sizea119776b65]

1 referral = $51/referral
2 referrals = $52/referral
3 referrals = $53/referral
4 referrals = $54/referral ETC....... up to....
10 referrals - $60/referral[/colora119776b65]

2. Free greens will be given out to all users that bring in at least one green referral during the month of August. You MUST bring in a referral that is green before you are issued your free green![/colora119776b65][/sizea119776b65]

3. We will be honoring one ref cash outs for the month of August ONLY!! If, at the end of the month, you do not have the minimum of 3 referrals to cash out, we will adjust your account so that you may cash out with the one or two green referrals that you have![/colora119776b65][/sizea119776b65]

4. All accounts must be submitted for approval by 1200 am EST on September 1st, 2008. We will verify all accounts that day and approved orders will be paid that day![/colora119776b65][/sizea119776b65]

PLEASE contact us with ANY AND ALL questions or problems!!![/colora119776b65][/sizea119776b65]

We look forward to a very prosperous month with our users at Fenominal Freebies!![/sizea119776b65][/colora119776b65]