Earn a Free Kindle Today!

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08-07-2008 07:05:03

Start working today to earn yourself a free Kindle. Don't know what a kindle is?

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08-07-2008 07:18:34

1500 points = 15-25 offers at your rates. Seems a bit steep for a $350 item. One could do 6 offers/refs at a site like YGF for that much, or a 6-8 offer DIY like I-Deal and get around double that.


08-07-2008 07:59:58

David, thanks for the feedback. I looked over the YGF site as I have not seen it before.

It appears that most of their offers are 1/2 credit, so each person would sign up for 2, with 8 referrals for an item around this price. Does this seem correct? This would be a total of 16 offers.

Personally I like not depending on others to win my prizes. You are obviously a regular around here with 7900 posts, what is your consensus?


08-07-2008 10:19:26

If someone did an 8 offer i-Deal site for a $500 Visa, they would spend maybe $60, but I think yours would be substantially more for a lesser valued prize.