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01-07-2008 10:45:48

Freebies4me has been a major success over the past year. We have shipped just about $100,000 in prizes since our launch in 2007. With $75 per referral and tons of great offers we have a great thing going. However we have gotten requests over the past year asking for a simpler site that can credit fast and easy, and is a good starter site for the ever growing IFW community. We now have the answer!

Offers4me is a new site featuring $40 per referral. Most of the offers are 1/3+ credit, so you can green with 1 to 3 offers. We have handpicked the affiliates to bring to this site, and we feel that this site will offer the absolute best crediting we have available to us. With the power of Freebies4me behind it, we are working hard to negotiate the highest rates possible so that we can pass that on to you in the form of higher credit values.

Come check out Offers4me today...we have many prizes to choose from, with all the same great features as Freebies4me

li Fast Credits
li Free Greens
li Same Day Payouts
li Tons of Prizes
li Excellent Support

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Come take it for a spin today!