Free Gas from Freebies4me!!!

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01-07-2008 10:42:53

During the month of July, everyone who cashes out 3 or more referrals will receive $10 in FREE GAS for each referral cashed out. There is no limit to this, so if you cash out 20 referrals you'll get $200 in a prepaid gas card. Cash out 50 referrals, that's $500!. The possibilities are endless! The only restriction is that you must cash out at least 3 referrals to qualify. This can be 3 single referrals or all at one time.

Here are the rules

1. 3 referral minimum
2. All Referrals must be cashed out between 7/1/2008 and 7/31/2008
3. Value of Gas Card will be included in your earnings for 2008. If you go over $599 you will be required to submit a W9.
4. Please indicate on your 3rd referral order which gas vendor for which you prefer to receive a gift card

Don't let the rise in gas prices ruin your summer travel plans. Count on Freebies4me to help you at the pump!!!