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13-06-2008 10:53:37

Itsyours4free has released a new layout, and a new technology site. Currently the homepage has some glitches on firefox, but it is being worked on. The page looks best in internet explorer.

Check it out at

Or go straight to the gifts page - http//
And the technology page at http//

Within the next two weeks, expect a few more sites in the IY4F network, as well as more offers.

Now if you sign up unreferred on one or both of the sites in the IY4F network, you will get a free green. All you need to do is submit a support ticket requesting the free green.

With an increase in capital, we now have instant payouts (used to be every friday).

You can have unlimited orders on both sites, and your green lasts forever. As soon as you are approved for an order, we will reinstate your green.

Contact us at support at IY4Fhelp