ATTN ALL SITEOWNERS: Express Revenue has been LAUNCHED!

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12-06-2008 15:10:19

Hey everyone,

We have some major news for you. After months of planning and tedious work, today marks the official launch of the internet's newest affiliate marketing network, [be48cd07c7a]Express Revenue, Inc.[/be48cd07c7a][=https//][be48cd07c7a]Express Revenue, Inc.[/be48cd07c7a] The premise that this new network is built on is being able to have the web's highest and most competitive offer rates. You hear this sort of thing all the time, but really, Express Revenue has the highest rates you can find out of any affiliate marketing network, and if you show us a higher rate elsewhere, it will be matched with no questions asked! Use this anecdote as an example. With the site still incomplete, and without any advertising or even spreading word about it, OTHER affiliate networks have come to Express Revenue (by following the redirect from offers on YourGiftsFree) looking to become a publisher with us.

You can find Express Revenue HERE![=https//]HERE!

If our high payouts and rate matches aren't enough, every publisher will have the opportunity to bring those rates even higher! For the networks with the highest traffic and most lead generations by volume, we will be happy to progressively raise your payout rates. Just show us what you can do by using our network, and we'd love to reward you. And speaking of rewards, there's even more of a way to increase your revenue with us. Every month we will list between 5-8 month-long promotions involving various offers. If your network generates XX amount of leads on offer YYYY, then we'll tack on an extra $25 to your commission check (which is sent on the 30th of each month, on a net-30 payment schedule).

Along with having the highest rates, and pledging to match any rates that are higher elsewhere, Express Revenue has an immense amount of tools to make offer placement and crediting much easier on your end. From Mass SQL Insert, to downloadable CSV reports, and pregenerated Postback URLs, Express Revenue utilizes everything that is standard in the affiliate marketing industry today. That is why our crediting is at par with, if not more stable, secure, and quicker than, the rest of the incentivized and affiliate marketing community. Remember when YourGiftsFree had those pervasive crediting problems, and then all of a sudden they were cleared up and crediting there has been pretty much a non-issue? That problem was fixed by implementing all of our offers from the Express Revenue script.

Further aspects of Express Revenue that we pride ourselves on is the extensive measures taken to provide the best and most accessible customer service. Between using getting in touch with your personal Affiliate Manager, utilizing the Support Ticket feature on the site, e-mailing us at publishers@ExpressRevenue,com, or sending an AIM message to ExpressRevenue, you will have no hardships of reaching us, and we will always be available to you.

We hope that today's launch of Express Revenue will allow us the opportunity to generate new and lasting friendships. However, this opportunity is not unrequited or just one-sided, as it will make your job as a site-owner easier and be economically rewarding for you. We hope you can begin witnessing growth today, as we'd love to have you as a part of The Express Revenue Team. Sign-up takes no more than a few minutes, and you should hear back from us pretty soon!

Again, you can find the site here https//


03-08-2008 11:54:50

Just bumping this! Things are going well.