Fenominal Freebies ~ June Promo ~ AWESOME START TO SUMMER!!

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Fenominal Freebies

01-06-2008 17:45:30

Alright Everyone,
HERE IT IS!! I hope it is up to par and meeting your expectations!!

This is going to be another referral race!!! Our payouts are going to be a bit different and so are the requirements!

Top Prize - $15 bonus/referral ($65 total/referral)
Runner Up - $10 bonus/referral ($60 total/referral)
Consolation- $5 bonus/referral ($55 total/referral)

- Send us a support ticket titled June Promo, letting us know that you'd like to take part
- There is going to be a 10 referral minimum for this promo, so you must get at least 10 new referrals to go green between 1201 am 6/2/08 and 1159 pm 6/30/08
- Only referrals that register and green in the allotted time are going to count toward the promo!
- Payments will be sent on July 1st to give all users a chance to utilize the full month (minus the 1st)

That's all there is to it!!!

Fenominal Freebies

07-06-2008 13:20:35

Anyone from FIPG going to get in on this one???

sandra habina

10-06-2008 08:37:16

Sounds great - count me in. Please and thank you.

Love these Promos. )

Fenominal Freebies

15-06-2008 14:31:06

[quote51206c0ff7="sandra habina"]Sounds great - count me in. Please and thank you.

Love these Promos. )[/quote51206c0ff7]

You're in Sandy!! Thanks for taking part and best of luck!