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30-05-2008 23:47:47

This Promo Will Only Be For This Month! And May Be Extended To Next!
[b9e13f46cdc][u9e13f46cdc]RocketBills and CashParrot[/u9e13f46cdc][/b9e13f46cdc] Will Now Make Sure You Get Your Offers Credited For All Offers Done This Month! Yes! We Will Get You Your Missing Credits!

[b9e13f46cdc][u9e13f46cdc]Rules for making sure you get your offer credited![/u9e13f46cdc][/b9e13f46cdc]
- Only the offers done during the month of June apply.
- User must wait up to 7 days before they send in the MCR, and MCRs sent before 7 days will be denied.
- Email confirmation is mandatory WITH HEADERS. No email confirmation = No credit.
[b9e13f46cdc]- These offers will not be included in this promo Any BlockBuster, Stamps, eFax. - You cannot request missing credits for these offers since they are prone to fraud.[/b9e13f46cdc]
- Up to 2 MCRs will only be accepted. (If 4 out of 4 offers do not credit you then that means you're crediting steps are incorrect.)

[b9e13f46cdc][u9e13f46cdc]Why Did RocketBills Chose To Do This?[/u9e13f46cdc][/b9e13f46cdc]
We thought that we would help our users more than we already do! How awesome would it be if every referral you sent to us went green with proper proof? Well for this month, RocketBills will experiment with this idea. This will be for all websites,,,, and

[b9e13f46cdc][u9e13f46cdc]How to Request for Your Credit?[/u9e13f46cdc][/b9e13f46cdc]
1) Wait 7 days after the offer completion.
2) Submit an MCR with the E-Mail confirmation with CORRECT HEADERS!
3) Your credit will be granted within 3 days.

Let us know if you have any questions!
RocketBills Staff.

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