Givafree Free Greens! (Final Part)

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28-05-2008 19:31:52

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We didn't have a promotion like this for many months now, so I think you deserve it for all the waiting.

All you have to do is [b238c8a058a]sign up (unreferred)[/b238c8a058a] on [b238c8a058a]one site of your choice[/b238c8a058a] (that includes the new sites), [b238c8a058a]open a support ticket and ask for a free green[/b238c8a058a]. Then you will be credited in 24 hours.

I hope you will enjoy our promotion.

Just a reminder about our site

[b238c8a058a]- Cash option on each of our sites
- Complete only one offer
- Get your gift by yourself with our points section
- Selection of 200+ offers
- Lowest referrals rate on the market
- Do our site forever like you want and get a free green after your reset (just ask about it)
- We ship weekly on Saturday
- Live support, tickets support and e-mail support
- And more[/b238c8a058a]

That's it! Thank you very much for all your support and we will continue to improve our sites for the best!

- Carl


30-05-2008 09:04:46

Last day for free green!