Givafree new sites! (Part5)

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28-05-2008 19:30:59

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We can't launch all those things without new sites!

That's why we have 2 new sites today !


On this site you will be able to reserve the new iphone for June. The best things is that we don't know the price yet and we already have a fixed number of referrals needed for the pre-order. So you can get even more for the number of referrals you will get!

[bd0d81ccb06]New iphone - 10 referrals or 510 points[/bd0d81ccb06]


On this site you can custom order what you want, anything! Just open a support ticket and ask for the number of points or referrals you need, and start working for it!

Now it's time to read our Final Part!