Givafree New Features (Part3)

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28-05-2008 19:27:24

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Now that you know we have a referrals and points system, and that you have to complete only offer to be completed (green), let's look at all the feature of the account.

You have 4 sections, very easy to navigate.

[bc604380b90]1- STATUS SECTION[/bc604380b90]

In one page, you see all the information of your account and it's very easy to follow and know where you are in your progression.

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You see your gift and can change it like you want. You can see if you have completed your offer that you need or the number of offers completed on the points side. You can see very fast the number of referrals needed and referrals you found to get your gift. Also, a thermometer is there to show you your progression.

A great addition, in particular, for new people to this world, is the "next step". This section will tell you what to do next in your account to be 100% completed. You can't say, what I have to do next? Because you see it in this section.

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After that you can see all your completed offers. But if you push on the "See pending offers" button, you will see each offers that you click on it. You will never wonder Did I try this offer? You see it now!

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Finally, at the end you see all the referrals that you have gotten. You will be able to follow their status.

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[size=25c604380b90][bc604380b90]IMPORTANT CHANGE[/bc604380b90][/sizec604380b90]

The referral link has changed. The old referral link, with the username, won't work anymore. Please use the new referral links now. It has your member number in it. It's very important to change it because you will not get a referral with your old link.

Also, your username doesn't exist anymore. You have to take your e-mail address and password to log into our site. It's much easier this way to remind you of your e-mail then a username. Also, you can click on "forgotten password" if you lose your password and get it back without waiting.

[bc604380b90]2- OFFERS SECTION[/bc604380b90]

This section is very easy to navigate. You have all the information you want to know or what to explain to a referral. You have links to important sections like How it's Works, Live Help, Proof Gallery.

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After that, you only need to choose an offer. You can see the name of the offer, the price, the crediting time, the description and a little image. When your selection is done, just click on the image, and do the offer! That's it.

3- OPTIONS SECTION[/bc604380b90]

In this section you have basic information. You can change your personal information, you can see your referrer if you have one, you can change your password, and you can change between "Referral" and "Points" system.

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Also, you will see that we now have a beautiful banner! You will able to show your progression to everyone now and get more referrals with this banner.

[bc604380b90]4- HELP SECTION[/bc604380b90]

In this section, you can contact us. Just send your message and we will answer back as fast as we can. It's very easy to navigate and intuitive.

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