Givafree New Features (Part2)

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28-05-2008 19:25:54

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The new important thing to know about is that you can complete our site 2 ways now.

[b50fbc0d4a9]1- Account with referrals[/b50fbc0d4a9]
2- Account with points[/b50fbc0d4a9]

[b50fbc0d4a9]With the referrals system[/b50fbc0d4a9] you have to complete your offer, and refer enough referrals for your gift. Of course, your referrals need to complete one offer to be "completed" (green).

[b50fbc0d4a9]With the points system,[/b50fbc0d4a9] you can get your gift by yourself! By this way, you complete offers to get points, and obtain enough points to get your gift.

You choose the way you want to complete it at the beginning and you can change it like you want afterwards in your account.


The most important thing people like is, not having to do so many offers, and they want good offers. That's what we did here! [b50fbc0d4a9]You only now have to complete 1 offer![/b50fbc0d4a9] Did I say one offer? YES! One offer. I'm NOT talking about a 1.0 credit site. All you have to do is complete 1 easy offer to be "completed" for the offers part. That's the same thing for your referrals. They have to do only one offer too.

And now, you will say Ok, one offer, but that will be one hard offer or an offer I'm not interested in!
NO! We have a great selection of offers and you will only need to complete one of these!

[img="50fbc0d4a9]http//[" alt=""/img50fbc0d4a9]

[b50fbc0d4a9]- Blockbuster $9.99 trial
- Netflix
- Blockbuster Free Trial!
- Increase My Margin
- Columbia House
- Overnight Genius
- QuickBooks Simple Business Kit
- Life Lock
- Type Pad
- Disney Movie Club
- Girls Gone Wild
- LavaLife[/b50fbc0d4a9]

For the complete offers list, http//

(All those offers are great offers, cost under $10 if not free, and are very interesting)

And we have many other offers! We have a total of [b50fbc0d4a9]53 active offers[/b50fbc0d4a9] like that and you have to complete only one of those to be "completed" for the offer part.

You will say Yes but I'm a master of freebies and I have already completed all those offers, what can I do?

Then, you can go by the points system. We have [b50fbc0d4a9]200+ offers[/b50fbc0d4a9] on the points side. And all you have to do to be "completed" for the offer part, is to get 50 points. That way, you have the best selection of offers.

Not great? More features in the [b50fbc0d4a9]Part3[/b50fbc0d4a9] of our thread!