Givafree 2.0 is now Live! (Part1)

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28-05-2008 18:24:01

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Yes! After so many months, days, hours and nights of work, it's finally there, the new version of is ready.
The most important thing on the new version is the design. We totally change the design on all the pages of our site and I'm sure you will like it. Also, we have a brand new script under the hood. That means, new features, a better site, easier and faster. You want more? Alright!

For the portal site

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You can get all the information about the site in the News section. Also, you have a section about our company, a How it's Works section that you can show to your referrals and a contacts section. You have access to all our Testimonial, Proof section (photo gallery), and also a Zone Video.

In this zone video, you can view videos of people with their gift or videos made by us for the promotion of something (Christmas Bag 2007). For a limited time, complete one of our sites, make a video with you on it and your gift, and you will get $10 totally free.

Click here to access the ZONE VIDEO


For each subdomain (gifts), you have all the information you want to know on one page.

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Example, for, on this page you have access to the selection of gifts, referrals needed, points needed, offers list, testimonial, photo gallery, and more. It will be really easy for a user, or a new person in the freebie world to understand what he is looking at.

You said points? What is points?

You will have to read our [b55ab7c7c9f]Part2 Thread[/b55ab7c7c9f] to know all the features of the new