Freebies4me May Race for Referrals

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20-05-2008 20:11:46

Sorry for the late post on this...but I'm sure if you are involved in the site you already know about it...for those who aren't aware

Starting on May 1st, every referral you cash out on Freebies4me will count toward the Race. The top 4 referrers for the month of May will be awarded the following prizes

1st Place - $600
2nd Place - $250
3rd Place - $100
4th Place - $50

Everyone is automatically entered in to the contest. If there is a tie for any of the prizes, we will look first at total 2008 cashouts at Freebies4me. A secondary tiebreaker would be total lifetime cashouts at Freebies4me. Last time we ran a contest like this, 26 referrals won it...a lofty goal but certainly attainable. Keep in mind that only referral cashouts PAID between May 1 and May 31 will be eligible. We will have the winner announced on June 1st, and all prizes will be paid via Paypal on June 1st. Any referrals that go "RED" will be discounted from your referral total, so please use caution when referring people to the site. Email or IM me with questions.


22-05-2008 22:09:53

Updated standings have been posted, and will be posted every evening through the end of the month.

Click HERE [=http//]HERE for the most up to date standings!


29-05-2008 16:24:31

New standings have been posted as of 4pm MST 5/29!!!