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Reward Universe is now officially opened! We’ve been in beta testing for a few months but have decided that we can now go public! Reward Universe does not use a script and does not require referrals in order to claim a reward or cash! [bec017daf17]All offers on Reward Universe are 100% free. [/bec017daf17] We currently only have offers for USA residents (we have a [iec017daf17]few[/iec017daf17] offers for different countries), but everyone can join and earn points by referrals…Referrals can earn you points because you earn 100% of whatever they earn! So if they get 200pts for completing an offer, you get 200pts to! This is a wonderful way for international residents to earn rewards.
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[bec017daf17]Reward Universe[/bec017daf17]

Reward Universe is a website that lets users earn points by completing surveys. These points can then be redeemed for prizes such as iPods, Gift Cards, Paypal Money, Sony PSPs, and so much more!

http//[" alt=""/imgec017daf17] Create an account at [bec017daf17]Reward Universe[/bec017daf17].

[img="ec017daf17]http//[" alt=""/imgec017daf17] Earn points by completing surveys and offers. [iec017daf17]Optional[/iec017daf17] Earn extra points by referring friends (most sites make this a requirement!)

[img="ec017daf17]http//[" alt=""/imgec017daf17] Claim your free reward!

[bec017daf17]No Credit Card Required[/bec017daf17]
Unlike many rewards sites, [bec017daf17]Reward Universe[/bec017daf17] does not require you to have a credit card or buy products to get rewards. Simply signup to free offers that are of interest to you and get rewarded. It is completely free!

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[bec017daf17]Free iPod Touch[/bec017daf17]
For each offer you complete between 3/05/08 and 5/05/08, you will receive one entry for a drawing to win an iPod Touch. Second place winners will receive an iPod Nano, and third place winners will receive an iPod Shuffle.

A commercial aired in select cities for a one month span. This can be seen on YouTube at

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